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Barratts Shoes is a modern shoe price comparison and review site. best price online

We have a beautiful shoe collection that showcases the latest trends in every season, as well as everyday shoe wardrobe essentials. Our gorgeous footwear assortment includes shoes, heels, boots, sandals, flats, wedges and more. The latest styles and trendiest footwear from leading brands.

Barratts is a brand of high street shoe stores operating in the UK and Ireland. Private label shoe manufacturer china, Barratts shoe brand trades in 100 stores in the UK and Ireland.

The company was founded in Northampton in 1903 and became a very successful brand in the 1920s, best known for its extensive catalogue of boots. In 1964, it was acquired by the Stylo Company under the Barratts brand and expanded to more than 400 stores in its heyday before foreign competition diminished its market share in the 1990s.

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W Barratt Boot and Shoe Company was founded by William Barratt in 1903 and soon became one of Northampton’s leading footwear manufacturers. In 1913 it moved into a neo-Baroque factory designed by John Macvicar Anderson. The Barratts brand entered a prosperous new era in the 1920s, publishing luxurious promotional catalogues including specially commissioned artwork and decorative pages. The 1923 catalog was endorsed by renowned womenswear designer Lady Duff Gordon, who also provided an illustrated introduction to the womenswear section of this edition. Under the advertising slogan “Walk the Barratt Way,” the company continued to thrive into the mid-20th century.

Stylo is a family business that originated in 1935 through the merger of three separate companies, which are listed on the London Stock Exchange under the trade name Stylo Boot Company (Northern) Ltd. In 1964, Stylo grew to 150 stores, acquired W Barratt and Company, and merged the two Bradford businesses.

The company grew under the better-known Barratts brand to more than 400 retail stores. In 1996, Barratts bought Bacons Shoes and ran. The Bacon family of the West Midlands. Bacon’s shoe brand was phased out by general manager Ron Arthur Stark in 1997 and transformed Bacons stores into priceless treasures. The first priceless store conversion was in Sunderland, from the Hush Puppies store and was an immediate success, selling self-service shoes. The Shoe and Sport Depot brand, run by Peter Peregrine Lee, was transformed into a priceless brand founded by Ron Arthur Stark. By 1999, the Priceless brand was fully operational. Based at Apperley Bridge in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the new company operates over 300 UK and Irish franchises within the Arcadia Group, including within Dorothy Perkins, as well as supporting the Group’s online activities. Barratts also has an online connection with retailer Wallis.

On February 13, 2008, Stylo purchased 24 stores from the defunct footwear retailer Dolcis and the Dolcis brand. The stores were renamed Barratts. .



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